Welcome to Nova International

Nova International was established in 1999 with the aim of to cater the Global Market in the field of Intermediates for Pigments, Dyes, and Pharmaceuticals.

Very soon the visionaries of the company identified good potential in the field of Specialty Chemicals, Antioxidants, etc. & associated with technically sound manufacturers for it. Timely diversification from “me too” products to very special products has resulted in the rapid growth of the company.

The perfect blend of technical skills and Managerial talents helps us grow day by day. Today Nova has not just remained a trading company but has become a co-manufacturer. With focused efforts to provide consistently good quality, scheduled deliveries, and service. Nova has made a mark in the Global Market and now enjoys the status of Government Recognised “EXPORT HOUSE”.

Our Products
Antioxidants Manufacturer India


Antioxidants are used to prevent oxidation and enhance self-life. Antioxidants have vide applications including edible oils, Animal feed, etc.


bromine compounds, Dichlone Manufacturer India

Bromine Compounds

Bromine derivatives are used as Brominating agents in various pharma and agro intermediates.


Intermediates For Dyes & Pigments

Intermediates For Dyes & Pigments

One of our very strong portfolios. We are known for supplying intermediates for high-performance pigments and specialty dyes. We can develop new intermediates on customer’s request.


Dyes & Pigments, CAS NO.: 117-80-6

Dyes & Pigments

Dyes and Pigments are available for vide application in Leather, Paper, Ink, Coating, and Plastics.


Specialty Chemicals, MAA HCL Manufacturer

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals include pharma intermediates, phase transfer catalysts, etc.


CSR, 2:3 Dichloro 1:4 Naphthoquinone


We are Socially Responsible towards our society. We try our best to pay back to society considering it as our moral obligation.